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Media gives thumbs up to Olympics
By Lei Lei and Si Tingting (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-09-28 10:09


News organization members gave the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games a good report yesterday at the ongoing 2007 World Broadcasters' Briefing.

Nearly 120 representatives of rights-holding broadcasters worldwide attended the two-day event that began yesterday in Beijing. It is the third such meeting and last before the Games begin.

"The Chinese government committed itself a long time ago to media working in China as freely as in other countries, in accordance with IOC and international practices. I think they are working well at the moment," Anthony Edgar, head of Olympic Games Media Operations for the International Olympic Committee, said.

The Organizing Committee for the Beijing Olympic Games (BOCOG) has implemented the Regulations on Reporting Activities in China by Foreign Journalists during the Beijing Olympic Games and the Preparatory Period. Based on these rules, it also issued the Service Guide for Foreign Media Coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Preparatory Period.

"We have had a wonderful partnership with BOCOG. It has been incredibly supportive and helpful to us," said David Neal, executive vice-president of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). It is a rights-holding broadcaster for the Olympics and is scheduled to send its biggest team ever.

"One of the things is being able to put a camera in a helicopter," Neal said yesterday in an interview on the sidelines of the meeting. Despite security considerations, BOCOG would allow NBC to film from a helicopter, Neal said.

Also yesterday, BOCOG highlighted the convenience now enjoyed by foreign reporters coming to Beijing to cover the Olympics. It touted its "One-Stop" service to assist visa applications, set up interviews, open bank accounts, make driving license applications and find accommodation in Beijing.

Since the facility came into service on July 1 at the Beijing Olympic Media Center, it has provided services for over 30 media organizations.

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