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More Olympic promotional activities in Hong Kong
Updated: 2007-09-02 20:53


HONG KONG  -- A series of promotional activities will be held for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, starting with 300-day countdown celebrations in mid-October, the Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong said on Sunday.

A spokesman of Home Affairs Bureau said the atmosphere will continue to be built up with 200-day and 100-day countdown activities, and a torch relay in next May.

"We believe all of these events will attract a large audience and help promote Hong Kong's international image as a co-host Olympic city," the spokesman said.

The Home Affairs Bureau has engaged to arouse public awareness of the 2008 Beijing Olympics with special emphasis on the events co-hosted by Hong Kong, to promote the Olympic Spirit and equestrian sport, and to encourage community participation in full, through promotional activities locally and abroad.

The one-year countdown celebrations were held in August in front of Victoria Harbor with local athletes counting down the seconds to this world's great events.

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