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Li Ju
Updated: 2007-07-30 09:42


Name:Li Ju
Gender: F
Height: 1.64m
Weight: 53kg
Date of birth: January 22, 1976
Place of birth: Nantong, Jiangsu Province
Sport: Table tennis

Sports career:

Took up table tennis at age seven. Entered a local spare-time sports school in 1986. Taken on by the Jiangsu provincial team in 1990 and the national youth team in 1991. Joined the national team in 1992. Retired in 2001. Made a comeback as a player in 2003.


Personal best:

2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 1st doubles


High performances:

1996 Asian Cup - 1st team, 2nd singles
1997 World Championships - 1st team, 2nd doubles (with Wang Nan), 3rd singles
1997 World Cup - 2nd singles
1997 Australian Open - 2nd singles & doubles (with Wang Chen)
1997 China Grand Prix - 1st singles, 3rd doubles (with Wang Nan)
1997 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals - 1st singles
1997 National Games - 1st team, 2nd doubles (with Wu Na)
1998 Ericsson China Open Challenge - Chief player to take up the challenges
1998 China All Stars Tournament - 1st doubles (with Wang Nan)
1998 Japan Open - 1st singles & doubles (with Wang Nan)
1998 Asian Championships - 1st singles & team
1998 Bangkok Asian Games - 1st doubles (with Wang Nan) & team, 2nd singles
1999 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals - 1st doubles (with Wang Nan)
1999 Ericsson China Open Challenge Finals - 1st singles
1999 Asia-Top 12 - 2nd singles
1999 Eindhoven World Championships - 1st doubles
2000 Kuala Lumpur World Team Championships - 1st team
2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 1st doubles, 2nd singles
2000 Japan Open - 2nd singles
2001 World Championships - 1st doubles & team
2001 World Women's Club Championship - 1st team
2003 World Championships - 1st singles
2003 China Grand Prix - 1st doubles (with Bai Yang, first title won after her comeback)

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