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Xing Aowei
Updated: 2007-07-30 09:09


Name:Xing Aowei
Gender: M
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 62kg
Date of birth: February 15, 1982
Place of birth: Yantai, Shandong Province
Sport: Gymnastics

Sports career:

Took up gymnastics in Yantai Spare-time Sports School at age five. Entered the Shandong provincial team at eight. Joined the national team at 12.


Personal best:

2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 1st team


High performances:

1998 Asian Games - 1st team & pommel horse, 3rd horizontal bar
1998 National Championships - 1st pommel horse
1998 World Middle School Students Games - 1st all-around, floor exercise, pommel horse, parallel bars & horizontal bar
1999 National Championships - 1st pommel horse, 2nd floor exercise
1999 World Cup Series - 1st pommel horse
1999 National Champions Tournament - 2nd pommel horse
1999 World Championships - 1st team, 3rd floor exercise
2000 National Championships - 1st all-around, floor exercise & pommel horse, 2nd parallel bars
2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 1st team
2000 World Cup Grand Finals - 3rd pommel horse
2001 East Asian Games - 1st team, vaulting horse & horizontal bar
2001 National Championships - 1st horizontal bar
2002 Asian Games - 1st team

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