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World Broadcaster Meeting to open for Games
Updated: 2006-08-18 16:06


The 2006 World Broadcaster Meeting will open in Beijing on Thursday, attracting over 300 delegates from radio and television rights-holding broadcasters from around the world.

The two-day meeting has been considered an important milestone in Beijing's progress towards hosting the 2008 Olympics.

The rights holders will be briefed by the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co. Ltd (BOB) on areas such as broadcasting production plans, International Broadcast Center, rate card and services to broadcasters.

As the host broadcasters, BOB is a joint venture between Beijing Olympic organizing committee (BOCOG) and Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS), a company owned by the International Olympic Committee. It is responsible for producing and distributing the television and radio feeds of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

Delegates will also receive updates from BOCOG departments on the competition schedule and planned facilities and services for media.

The first smaller briefing for approximately 80 key executives from the rights holding consortiums and individual rights holders was held last August.

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