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Summer nights in Zhouzhuang


Nightlife in Zhouzhuang is rich and colorful, which can take you away from the boredom and the noise.

Walk in alleys

Nighttime in Zhouzhuang is much more peaceful than its day life. Take a walk in the quiet alleys when the lights go on, and you can feel free to enjoy the summer atmosphere. You can visit embroidery workshops, blacksmith shop, shoe workshops and bamboo weaving workshops on Zhenfeng Folk Street to learn more about folk arts.

Summer nights in Zhouzhuang

Appreciate performances

There are Kunqu Opera performances all year round in Zhouzhuang. You can listen to Kunqu Opera on the ancient stage and drink tea and chat with your friends. A variety of souvenirs are available here.

Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons is a must-see performance if you travel here. The life-like water town scenery serves as the stage set, and you can even see cows and rice fields on the stage during the performance. Within 60 minutes, you can enjoy the charm of four seasons and folk customs in Zhouzhuang.

Summer nights in Zhouzhuang

Have a drink in 1086 Slow Life District

As the FIFA World Cup is going on, it is a good time for soccer fans to gather in the pubs inside the 1086 Slow Life District. Drink a bottle of beer and watch the exciting soccer games, and a wonderful night begins. Additionally, you can enjoy the music and relax here.

Summer nights in Zhouzhuang