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12 workshops in Zhouzhuang


Shoe workshop

12 workshops in Zhouzhuang

Miu, who runs a shoe workshop on Zhengfu Cultural Street, makes her signature tiger-headed shoes. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Embroidered shoes, sometimes just referred to as Chinese Shoes, are handmade with exquisite workmanship. The embroidery on the vamps depicts life, folklore and nature. The shoes are decorated with intricate patterns of birds, children with lanterns, or dragons. Every piece of embroidery has its own auspicious meaning.

The workshop's owner, Miu, has gained a reputation for being a master at embroidery. Though in her late 60s, Miu still crafts her signature tiger-headed shoes with their multi-layered soles, on a daily basis. The shoes, which have proved very popular with children, are not only beautiful to behold but also extremely durable.