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Relish late autumn Jiangnan snacks in Zhouzhuang


Zhenwei Jiangnan, located toward the east end of Nanshi Street, is an eatery dedicated to serving genuine Jiangnan snacks and desserts with flavors characteristic of Zhouzhuang. Visitors are able to savor delicacies from the new seasonal menu while enjoying the picturesque late autumn views outside the restaurant.

Relish late autumn Jiangnan snacks in Zhouzhuang

Fermented glutinous rice cake (Jiuliangbing) Jiuliangbing is a round- shaped cake, filled with a mixture of fermented glutinous rice flour and hand-made sweetened bean paste.

Glutinous rice roll (Zifangao) Zifangao is a crispy fried pastry made from scallions and glutinous rice to create a smooth and sweet tasting treat.

Crabapple Cake (Haitanggao) Haitang gao is a soft sweetened cake made with peanuts and flour that is a popular dish south of the Yangzte River. It gets the name because of its garnet color and Chinese crabapple flower shape.

Apocaibing Apocaibing is a cake made from a mixture of the seasonal A Po Cai (pickled rape stem) and flour. The texture leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

In addition, the eatery has also launched four discounted set meals available to all visitors.

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