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Creative tourism handicrafts of Zhouzhuang


Zhouzhuang, considered the “Venice of the Orient”, held its first tourism handicraft design competition together with the Chinese Artists Association and Zhouzhuang Tourism Company. The 100 awarded works, out of 1,000 participants, were exhibited in Zhouzhuang Museum.

The competition has inspired many amazing designs. A pair of pendants designed in the shape of the twin bridges and symbolizing the intimate relationship between lovers won the gold prize. There was also a distance-looked handbag which turned into a decorative lamp when equipped with an LED bulb. Traditional cultural elements of Zhouzhuang such as wansan vases, cornucopias and the twin bridges served as inspiration for designers.

“Some of the exhibited handicrafts will be produced on a large scale. The market potential will be tremendous according to the feedback from the exhibition,” said Ren Yongdong, president of Zhouzhuang Tourism Company. Visitors these days have new requirements for tourism and tourist goods. This competition has brought new energy to the development of Zhouzhuang’s tourism culture and has promoted the design of national tourism handicrafts. The 100 awarded handicrafts will be on display in a 15-day exhibition starting Dec 16, 2012. (Zhou Qianqian/article Yang Haishi/photo)