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Shenting Restaurant

Shenting means "Shen Manzo's House" and Shenting Restaurant refers to a restaurant located near the Fuan Bridge in the historic town of Zhouzhuang.

The hall is one of Zhouzhuang's most traditional and distinctive restaurants. It is said that the children of Shen Manzo, one of the town’s most eminent residents, used to receive guests there. Nowadays, the Shenting Restaurant has been extensively refurbished, while still retaining its simple and unsophisticated style.

Shenting Restaurant

When you enter the restaurant, it feels like visiting a family’s waterside home. The restaurant has two floors, which can hold over 400 people to dine at any one time. The first floor is a banquet hall, the second floor has two sections connected by an overhanging building. The eastern part is a stateroom featuring refined decorations and comfortable surroundings, whilst the western part is set by the waterside, nestling in the light and shadows of the river and the bridge - the very essence of any water town.

Dining in Shenting Restaurant

The "Manzo family banquet", a specialty of the Shenting Restaurant, is designed to satisfy any appetite.

Three-taste tiny meatball:

This food is commonly referred to as “gluten in soup.” It is filled with minced chicken and pork, covered by gluten, and boiled in chicken stock. It features thin pastry, tender meat, snacks and tasty soup all in one pot.

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