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Guozhuang Dance

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Updated: 2015-09-17

Guozhuang Dance

Mosuo People dance around a bonfire at a Guozhuang Ball where they look for potential mates. [Photo/ ljluguhu.com.cn]

Guozhuang Dance is a traditional recreation for people living by Lugu Lake. It is also an occasion for women to choose their mates.

At the ball, women and men form a circle with a bonfire in the middle. The girls wear black kerchiefs, white dresses and jewelry while singing love songs. Guys try to appear handsome and elegant at the ball.

If a girl is interested in the guy holding her hand, she will gently knock on his palm several times to hint that he may follow her after the ball. The guy can choose not to follow her but he does not have the right to give hints.

The ball was originally fixed on specific dates. However, it is now held much more frequently for tourists.


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