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Lijiang Lugu Lake airport passes expert review on water and soil conservation

By Xie Fang ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2011-10-19

Gao Xubiao, division chief of the soil and water conservation monitoring center under the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), recently presided over a meeting at Yinhu island of Lugu Lake, evaluating soil and water conservation in the construction of the Lugu Lake airport.

The meeting was attended by experts from the MWR soil and water conservation monitoring center, senior engineers of Southwest China Designing Institute of China Civil Aviation Administration, experts and officials of the provincial and municipal water resources departments.

The assessment expert team was satisfied with the airport engineering design and soil and water conservation program and approved them, after making field inspections for Lugu Lake airport program area. It presented opinions in accordance with the water and soil conservation program.

On June 29, 2011, the State Council approved for Yunnan province to construct the new Lugu Lake airport. The airfield is graded at 4C, and the runway stretches 3.4km. The terminal, of 4 km/s, is designed to accommodate to 420,000 passengers and 840 tons of cargoes and mail annually by 2020.

The airport is able to serve four planes simultaneously. It is supported with communication, navigation, weather monitoring, power supply, water supply, oil supply, and fire control facilities. The airport project is supported by a total investment of 954 million yuan.

The feasibility report proposes a gross investment of 1.24853 billion yuan, 294.49 million yuan more than the preliminary feasibility report. At present, preparation has been completed for land acquisition, building removal, power and water supply, and communication facilities. Special reports are ready for the preliminary examination of land use, environment protection, geological, hydrological effects, and wood, water and soil conservation.


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