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Guandu district

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Guandu district
[Photo from yndaily.yunnan.cn]

Guandu district, southeast of the main urban region, has an area of 634.95 square kilometers (including the Dian Lake), and had a population of 0.54 million in 2010. Its height ranges from 1,886.6 meters to 2,731 meters.

Guandu district
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Guandu's GDP reached 47.1 billion yuan ($7.67billion) in 2010, up 14.8 percent on the previous year. The primary industries, including farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and their services, achieved up to 810 million yuan added value, the secondary industries, including mining, manufacturing, production and supply of electric power, gas and water, achieved up to 1.79 billion yuan added value, and the tertiary industry, or the service industry, achieved up to 2.84 billion yuan added value. The general financial revenue amounted to 667,908 yuan, increasing 12.5 percent over 2009.

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