Yunnan promotes economic co-op in Vietnam

China (Yunnan)-Vietnam Trade Economic Cooperation Promotion Seminar was held on Tuesday.

Yunnan's little black pig by the Angry River

Yunnan is arguably the best ham in China and world-famous, although the citizens from Jinhua in Zhejiang province may beg to differ.

Cole flowers embrace blossom season

Cole flowers embrace blossom season

Summer trip to Yunnan

As summer vacation comes, a great quantity of tourists will visit the Puzhehei Karst scenic spot.

Yulong's tourism revenue surges in 2011

A young photographer's Shangri-La

Munao Singing Party of Jingpo Ethnic Group

The Munao Singing Party reflects their origin and history of migration.

Water-Splashing Festival

They drench each other in wishes for good luck and a happy new year.

Contest inspires Chinese youth

Dai ethnic pharmacist tries to save his craft

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