Strengthen economic and trade exchange and cooperation

Updated: 2011-08-16 14:09


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(I) Consolidate and develop good neighborly relations

1. Implement the foreign policy with priority to relations with neighboring countries. Further develop friendly relations with neighboring countries for mutual benefits and development. Support neighboring countries to set up consulates in Kunming, and absorb international organizations, multinational companies to establish working bodies, R&D offices and headquarters in Yunnan province.

2. Expand the scales of admitting foreign students in Yunnan colleges and universities, and set up the secretariat for Yunnan-Great Mekong River sub-regional education league to promote overseas education.

(II) Improve the overall level of foreign economic and trade cooperation

1. Make the most out of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone platform to further improve the China-ASEAN Mekong River basin development and the Great Mekong River sub-regional cooperation mechanisms, and encourage more trade with Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.

2. Support Yunnan province to set up trade cooperation mechanisms with Southeastern Asian and South Asian countries and the Asian Development Bank.

3. Actively explore the southeast and south Asian markets, reasonably expand import resources-based products, such as minerals and farm produces, and support export of competitive products, such as mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, textiles, daily necessities, food and farm produces.

4. Strengthen inspection and quarantine, and keep improving the quality of imported and exported goods.

5. Expand the experiment of export goods with RMB settlement tax refund and exemption to all border ports and designated key channels in the province.

6. Enhance coordination of foreign affairs, and implement the Agreement to Facilitate Cross-Border Transportation of Passengers and Freights in Great Mekong River Sub-region. Further improve convenience in utilizing foreign funds. Make the most of China-ASEAN Cooperative Investment Partnership Fund and expand Yunnan’s economic and technological cooperation with neighboring countries.

(III) Actively support qualified enterprises to go global

1. Elevate the Go Global strategy as a priority to improve opening up to the outside world.

2. Guide financial institutions to supply all kinds of insurance and credit services, including export credit insurance, to enterprises meeting the country’s policy of going global.

3. Support the Go Global enterprises to internationalize their brands and strengthen cooperation with foreign partners in the telecommunication sector.

4. Further facilitate investment and set up green channels for foreign trade.

5. Research ways to increase financial support to encourage enterprises to go abroad and carry out replacement planting, cultivation of agricultural products. Make arrangements for varieties and quantities of tax-free agricultural products.

(IV) Deepen economic cooperation with internal regions

1. Actively guide enterprises affiliated to the central government and enterprises from other provinces to invest in Yunnan, support the province to undertake industries transferred from the eastern area, and establish bases to receive the transferred industries.

2. Promote Pan-Pearl River Delta cooperation, strengthen comprehensive development and ecological construction of resources and water transportation in the upper and medium reaches of Pearl River, and harmonize major project construction.

3. Further expand cooperation fields with Yangtze River delta area, and enhance counterpart relief, assistance and cooperation with Shanghai city.

4. Strengthen cooperation with other west China provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Give priority to improve railway, air traffic and inland water transportation facilities. Promote opening southwest China wider to Southeast Asia and South Asia.