Take feasible measures to improve people's livelihood

Updated: 2011-08-16 14:11


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(I) Give priority to develop education

1. Integrate educational resources in a scientific approach, rationally map out layout of primary and middle schools, facilitate students to enter schools in the neighborhood, and gradually centralize schooling for primary and middle school students in remote and border areas. Speed up popularizing pre-school education, intensify support of rural boarding school construction, and implement the plans to reform schools with a lack of facilities for rural compulsory education.

2. Gradually elevate subsistence allowances for rural resident primary and middle school students from poverty-stricken families, improve rural teacher working and living conditions, and raise the standard of treatment towards rural teachers. Expand the scale of senior middle school education, enabling the gross enrolment ratios of senior middle school education to surpass 80 percent by 2015.

3. Enhance key discipline construction in colleges and universities of Yunnan province, expand enrolment of Yunnan students into national key universities and colleges, support high-level regional university construction, and intensify cultivation of professional technical talents, high-skilled talents and talents in shortage.

4. Implement tuition-free policy for secondary professional education, integrate existing education and training resources, generate a group of regional education centers and training bases, and strengthen professional training.

5. Support Yunnan universities and colleges to launch educational exchange and cooperation with Southeastern Asian and South Asian countries. Intensify bi-lingual education in ethnic minority areas, and adopt directional enrolment and cultivation measures to foster more talents from ethnic minorities. Promote information-based education.

(II) Accelerate development of medical treatment and public health

1. Intensify construction of the medical treatment and public health service network, and improve the capacity for emergency rescue, medical treatment, disease prevention, health supervision, and food and drug security monitoring capacity.

2. Construct R&D bases for traditional Chinese medicines and traditional minority medicines, enhance international exchanges and cooperation, and elevate the traditional minority medicine R&D capacity and diagnosis levels.

3. Establish a joint prevention and control mechanism for disease information communication, prevention technology exchange and linkage mechanism for health emergency treatment with neighboring countries, and establish and improve the infectious disease joint defense and control mode in border areas.

4. Intensify HIV/AIDS prevention and cure, enhance prevention and cure of major diseases like tuberculosis and malaria, improve grassroots family planning service system, and keep the birthrate low.

5. Rely on provincial key hospitals to construct Kunming into an international medical treatment, technology and talent exchange regional center oriented to Southeast Asia and South Asia.

(III) Vigorously develop national cultural undertakings

1. Strengthen cultural infrastructure construction, improve public cultural service system, and set up a sound mechanism guaranteeing funds for public cultural service and facility operations.

2. Intensify construction of broadcasting, film and television infrastructures in border areas, enhance the capacity to translate and produce programs in ethnic minority languages, and expand radio and television coverage to every rural village.

3. Enhance inheritance and protection of national culture, strengthen protection and utilization of cultural relics and intangible cultural heritages, construct cultural projects like science and technology museums, art exchange centers, and film and television bases, fully utilize cultural resources of Yunnan province and speed up promoting national cultural industrial development.

4. Deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation with Southeastern and South Asian countries, and vigorously develop cultural trade.

5. Reinforce publishing capacity in ethnic minority languages, direct and support grassroots public sports facility construction, and build up sports training bases.

(IV) Exert all efforts to improve employment, social security and social service systems

1. Promote migration of rural labor, boost labor economy, and encourage the surplus of laborers in border areas to migrate to nearby places for employment.

2. Provide employment aid, explore service jobs to enable at least one person from “zero employment families” to get work, and set up cooperation mechanisms with neighboring countries to increase job opportunities.

3. Enhance the effort for a new type of rural social pension insurance pilot project, bring all cities and counties under the scheme during the 12th Five-year Plan period, improve the urban and rural minimal living standard system, and gradually elevate the urban and rural basic cost of living allowances.

4. Establish and improve urban resident endowment insurance system, and improve the unemployment insurance system. Accelerate construction of endowment service facilities, and construct a socialized endowment service system.

5. Intensify construction of facilities for disabled rehabilitation and support, improve urban and rural comprehensive community service facilities and functions, and improve service capacity.

6. Strengthen construction of the disaster prevention, reduction and relief systems, improve emergency treatment mechanisms, and improve the capacity to cope with the outbreak of environment accidents and natural disasters.

7. Take feasible measures to strengthen religious infrastructures and work teams, and maintain religious harmony and stability.