Xinjiang district implements online employee inspection for enterprises

By Li Xiaoxu ( )

Updated: 2015-03-13

Toutunhe district in Urumqi launched an online employee information inspection system on March 1.

Employee information searched for includes labor contracts and social insurance records. The search measures were put into place to coincide with the need to submit contracts and social insurance records online to the district's labor security supervision department this year.

The labor security supervision department checks employee information in order to offer suggestions to businesses, highlight any problems and punish the illegal activities. Prior to the current procedure, the enterprises in Toutunhe district submitted written labor contracts and social insurance records every year from January to April.

Gao Yongxi, head of the labor security supervision department, said, "It's easier to get access to all of the documents online. As the online annual inspection to be finished within five working days for each company, the inspection department can make a quicker and more correct response to the management of businesses."

Gao explained that a business with 200 employees used to submit 200 written labor contracts for inspection. As the online annual inspection is carried out, any business with 100 to 500 employees is now only required to hand in 15 written labor contracts; other materials will be checked through the Internet.

Wang Lei, head of the human resources department at Xinjiang Xierdan Food, spent one and half months submitting materials for inspection in 2014 and said that online inspection was more efficient and saves the companies time.

Edited by Jacob Hooson