Toutunhe people handle water price raising with saving plans

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Updated: 2015-01-20

The government of Toutunhe district, in the city of Urumqi, in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region came up with the idea of raising water price from Dec 24, 2014, and it said the price of water used in the supermarket, restaurants, bath center and other sites for business operation raised more significantly. To know how people deal with the changes, especially the owners of the stores, Toutunhe District News Network sent a reporter to the stores to see what the outlook was.

In a supermarket along Zhongyanan street, in the city of Urumqi, the manager Wang Hao told the reporter that the raise in water price did upset him, and in order to save water he began collecting the water after hand washing, and reuses it for moping the floor.

For the restaurants that are in great demand of water, a restaurant manager said the money spent on water accounts for 15 percent of the general expenditure, but his restaurant would not raise the price of the food even though the cost increased.

To save water, the bath center and car wash shop also came up with plans. A bath center owner called Wang Jianfeng told the reporter that he will install some water-saving equipment and advice the customers to save water at the same time. And the director of Beauty Space Car Wash Shop, Gu Xiaolong, said his shop has already started recycling the water when washing the cars as one way to cut cost.

By Li Xiaoxu and edited by Nicole Fortin