Maiden trip of the Scenic Xinjiang-Northern Xinjiang Train

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Updated: 2014-07-16

On July 7th, the Scenic Xinjiang-Northern Xinjiang Circle Line Travel Train set off from the Urumqi West Railway Station for its maiden trip. The train took 300 tourists from every corner of the country to travel across Xinjiang.

Covering all major tourist sites in the Northern Xinjiang, such as Kanas, Nalat, Sayram Lake and Khorgos Port, this travel train sets off from Urumqi in the evening and arrives in Northern Xinjiang in the early morning. In addition to its coziness and convenience, this travel line also contains no compulsory shopping arrangement, so that tourists can experience sites in depth.

All tourists on the first train will be subsidized with 800 yuan ($128.86) by travel agencies this year, which means the 5-night-6-day trip costs only 1880 yuan. After its first trip, the ticket price will go back the original price of 2,680 yuan. The train sets off weekly, and the last train of this year is expected to leave during the National Day holiday.

Liu Xiaolin, chairman and general manager of the Urumqi Railway International Travel Agency, said this train line will not only enrich Xinjiang tourism, but also give Xinjiang the opportunity to promote its image. The circle line is gradually becoming a top touristic product of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

First launched last year, Scenic Xinjiang tourism has continually improved the tourist experience and upgraded its service to include the Bayanbulak Grassland of Bayingolin Mongol autonomous prefecture to its travel line, thus giving travelers more choices.

According to a staff member of the Urumqi Railway Bureau, an extra train will be added to the nine regularly scheduled Scenic Xinjiang trains based on tourist flow. Furthermore, the bureau will take tourist feedback into consideration when upgrading the travel line. As such, the train is now equipped with professional tour guides, catering and service staff. And new passenger train is also in the works.

Edited by Noelle Mateer