Artist volunteers to paint community culture wall

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Updated: 2013-11-29

Artist volunteers to paint community culture wall

Ma Ming paints on the community culture wall in Toutunhe district, Urumqi city, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. [Photo/ Xinjiang Metropolis Daily]

When passing by a community at Wuchang Road in Toutunhe district of Urumqi city, visitors may catch sight of a cultural wall featuring paintings for civilization promotion.

The cultural walls cover a total area of over 800 square meters. The paintings cover eight themes, including environment protection, national unity, sanitation, elderly care, community service, legal education, scientific knowledge and the Chinese dream.

“The cartoons are simple, vivid and take into consideration eyesight conditions of the elderly,” said an old man living in the community. “It can help us better understand the country’s policies.”

The walls were painted by 69-year-old artist Ma Ming, who volunteered to work together with his friends, also painting enthusiasts. They worked for nearly half a year and used more than 80 paintbrushes.

Ma’s offer saved about 70,000 yuan ($11,400) for the community compared to paying an advertisement company.

According to the community, it will develop more culture walls covering about 600 square meters next year.

Edited by Michael Thai