Companies shut down for causing water pollution

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Updated: 2013-09-05

The city of Urumqi has forced 16 enterprises to close for threatening the city's water resources and releasing pollutants into the environment, reported on Friday.

There were nine of the 16, near a water protection zone in the Ulanbay area that were accused of threatening the city's drinking water supply and seven others that were discovered to have no pollution treatment facilities, which could cause environment problems in the area. Two have been told to relocate soon by the city's environment authority.

One employee of a logistic company near Urumqi's Yan'erwo water source said, "We realized that our production could pollute the water source," but claimed that the company stopped operations and been looking for a new site since they were cited for a violation three months ago.

China's environmental regulations say that any activity, renovation or expansion of facilities, or new project that ignores water protection in a water protection areas will be shut down.

Edited by Zhou Yuanyuan and Roger Bradshaw