Xinjiang Uygur Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Co

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Updated: 2011-08-16

Xinjiang Uygur Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Co is located at No 2 Shenyang St in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, and covers an area of four hectares with a building area of nearly 20,000 square meters.

Wuhan Humanwell Medicine Group Co Ltd and Xinjiang Uygur Medical Hospital are the co-investors who established the company in March 2001 on the base of the former Xinjiang Uygur Pharmaceutical Factory. The two enterprises listed a registered capital of 200 million yuan.

The company owns 10 formulations and seven automatic production lines that use advanced equipment. In 2004, the company passed the GMP authentication. It has 19 varieties of national medicine permits, of which six have been included in the national basic medical insurance drug list and five on the medical insurance of the autonomous region. The company in 2005 was regionally honored as an "Enterprise that Values the Contract and Keeps the Promise", as approved by the Xinjiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

The annual output of the company can reach 300 million yuan, with an annual distribution capacity of medicinal materials of 2,000 tons. The company reports an annual production of 1 billion tablets, 50 million packages (bags) of medicines, 1 billion capsules, 50 million oral liquid bottles and 50 million bottles or syrup, as well as other formulations.

Among its key products are: Zukamu granules (for colds), XYDNE syrup to treat hepatitis and SiYaDan hair growth oils and hair tinctures.

Add: No 2 Shenyang St, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinjiang, China

Postal code: 830000

Tel: 0991-3739419

Fax: 0991-3727587