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Karamay promotes awareness for autism

By Sun Hui Updated: 2017-03-22

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A fundraising and awareness-raising event, named “Star Sky Plan”, will be held at the Karamay Science and Technology Museum on March 26 to celebrate the incoming ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day.

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day to highlight the need to improve the quality of life for those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society.

Jointly organized by the Karamay District Volunteer Union and Karamay Association of Mental Health Education and Consultant, the event aims to give mental consolation and provide social support to those families that have an autistic child.

Local residents who wish to participate in the event can prepare five to ten new items for the charity sale. Items can be children’s books, school supplies, toys, and accessories. Raised money will be collected for rehabilitation training of autistic children in Karamay district.

Citizens and companies who want to be part of the event can contact organizers at 0990-6245122 before March 25.

Autism is a lifelong neurological condition that manifests during early childhood, irrespective of gender, race, or socio-economic status. Appropriate support, accommodation, and acceptance of this neurological variation allow those with autism to enjoy equal opportunities, and full and effective participation in society.

Edited by Tyler Terrance Oneil