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Public rental housing benefits migrant workers

By Sun Hui Updated: 2016-11-22

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Housing has always been a puzzle for migrant workers in China. The difficult situation in the northwest city of Karamay, however, may soon be fixed after an announcement on Nov 3 that migrant workers will be included in the city’s public rental housing project.

In the future, new migrant recruits and newly-married workers who have no house will gradually be able to enjoy the affordable public rental housing based on available housing resources.

A total of 1,711 public rental houses were put into use in Karamay by this September, among which, 848 were funded by local government. Another 1,083 houses are under construction this year.

The Karamay government launched the public rental housing project to benefit the city’s migrant people last April. The project constructed 507 low-rent public houses and 488 houses have been allotted to their new owners.

Edited by Tyler Terrance Oneil