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Karamay celebrates continued friendship with University of Tulsa

By Sun Hui Updated: 2016-09-18

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It has been a whirlwind few weeks at Karamay's China University of Petroleum and in the run up to the new semester prominent Party members met with Gerard Clancy, president of the University of Tulsa on Sept 2, as a proud statement of the two universities' continued friendship.

Chen Xinfa, secretary of Karamay municipality Party committee, took his American counterpart on a tour of Karamay's scenic spots and was keen to stress the importance of this relationship between Karamay's first university and the University of Tulsa.

"Karamay is a young, modern, and industrialized city. The city is located in an area with abundant gas and oil resources and has already developed efficient oil and petroleum industries. The foundation of the university in Karamay marks a significant moment for the city on an educational level."

The two universities have already entered into nine-year long partnership and Gerard expressed his delight with the progress that has already been made and his hope that cooperation will continue long into the future.

"The state of Oklahoma shares some similar traits with Karamay and both are driven by the oil industry. We are proud and excited to list the Karamay campus of China University of Petroleum among our cooperation projects."

The University of Tulsa is well-known for its expertise in petroleum engineering studies and boasts both a National Energy Institute and National Energy-Environment Law and Policy Institute.

Karamay celebrates continued friendship with University of Tulsa

Chen Xinfa gifts a painting of Karamay scenery to Gerard Clancy, president of the University of Tulsa. [Photo/kelamayi.com.cn]

Edited by Richard Whiddington