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Karamay floating population granted access to free check-ups

By Ge Jieru and Fan Rong Updated: 2016-06-12

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Senior citizens and migrants in Karamay's Chaoyang community received free physical check-ups on May 4, Karamay Daily newspaper reported.

Statistics show that more than 30,000 people in Karamay are over sixty, accounting for 15.79 percent of the city's total population.

"Different from past years, this year's free physical check-ups also cover members of the floating population. Approximately 100 of the community's floating population will enjoy the free check-ups in this year," said Wang Yongbin, an official from the Chaoyang community working group.

To make sure the check-ups run smoothly, officials from the working group heavily publicized the event by making phone calls and sending messages.

According to Wang, Karamay district government began providing health services annually in 2009. The service includes health condition assessments, physical check-ups and health guidance. The government has constructed health profiles to record data on the health condition of local residents.

Edited by Jacob Hooson