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Telemedicine platform forms bridge between Karamay and Gwadar

By Ge Jieru and Wang Yi Updated: 2016-05-30

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Doctors from the sister cities of Karamay and Gwadar, Pakistan cooperated to diagnose treatment for a hospital patient on May 6.

Dai Hui, surgical director at Karamay Central Hospital, linked up with Dr Aslam in Pakistan via video call through a telemedicine platform set up by Karamay. Medical cooperation between the two sides was established to provide better medical support to surrounding rural areas severely lacking in hospital access.

Following the signing of a sister city agreement last year, Karamay and Gwadar forged cooperation agreements in areas of commerce, education, culture, technology and health care. Five doctors from Gwadar visited Karamay to receive medical training in 2015.

As early as 2010, Karamay carried out medical cooperation with inland hospitals to improve its standard of medical treatment.

In 2014, Karamay constructed a telemedicine platform to carry out remote consultations, remote seminars and remote operation guidance. More than 20,000 patients have since received remote consultations.

Gwadar hopes to join hands with Karamay's medical system to benefit from its successful telemedicine programs.

According to Lai Yongchen, director of Karamay Central Hospital's information center, the city has successfully constructed medical connections with surrounding countries, making it possible for Karamay's local residents to receive the top medical services.

Edited by Jacob Hooson