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"Good girl" nurse saves life of Xinjiang grandma

By Wan Min and Yang Fan Updated: 2016-03-09

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Mrs Fu, known locally as Grandma Fu, took a turn for the worst after having a stroke at her residence in Karamay in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

However, after quick thinking by nursing assistants at Heiyoushan Nursing Home, she got the treatment she needed and was recently nursed to full health.

Fu, 84-year-old, was moved to the nursing home with her husband in 2014 to receive 24-hour care from professional nurses. The nurses are not only responsible for the couple's daily life; they also make emergency responses and provide first aid.

Dong Fanxi was one of the four nurses that took care of Grandma Fu during her time of need. It was her who noticed that Grandma Fu was unusual when she fed her in the morning and called the ambulance immediately.

Grandma Fu had lived through many years of pain in her spine. However, after nurses massaged her neck every day for half a year, she made a swift recovery from the problem.

If somebody asks Grandma Fu if she knows Dong Fuxi, she will say, "That's my good girl!"

Edited by Jacob Hooson