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Karamay tennis team stands out at Xinjiang Sports Games

By Liao Yuan And Yuan Shuliang Updated: 2014-08-21

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Karamay tennis team stands out at Xinjiang Sports Games

A player hits a tennis ball. [Photo Dai Xuhu /epaper.kelamayi.com.cn]

The 13th Xinjiang Sports Games tennis competition ended on August 13. The host team from Karamay won 15 gold medals and ranked first, while the Urumqi team won four gold medals and ranked second.


The tennis competition kicked off on August 10. It consisted of three groups and 21 individual sessions. About 109 athletes from five cities competed.


Qiao Xiaoliang, a referee at the competition, said that this is the first time tennis has been included in the autonomous region’s games. Tennis is still not popular in China. At present, only a few cities teach tennis in Xinjiang. Tennis players are mostly from Urumqi, Karamay and Aksu.


Li Wenkui, Urumqi team coach, said: "Xinjiang lacks reserve players, and players haven’t reached professional standards. Training a professional tennis player costs more than other sports. There is still a long way to go to popularize tennis in Xinjiang because tennis court and equipment investment is larger."


Edited by Michael Thai