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Volunteers ready for 13th Xinjiang Sports Games

By Liao Yuan And Yue Ronghua Updated: 2014-07-29

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On July 14, hundreds of volunteers from the Karamay Vocational and Technical Institute attended a volunteer-welcoming ceremony ahead of the 13th Xinjiang Sports Games.


The Sports Games’ opening ceremony will be held on Aug. 8 in Karamay city. In order to make sure the Games run smoothly, the Karamay City Communist Youth League Committee recruited hundreds of volunteers, 88 of whom are from Karamay Vocational and Technical Institute. During the Games, volunteers will work in all functions, including aiding players, guiding spectators, facilitating publicity and more.


Wu Ying, minister of Karamay City’s Organization Department and the standing committee of the Karamay City Oilfield Company’s communist party, said: “Volunteers represent all of Karamay, and serve as a window into our society. I hope everyone will value this honor and devote themselves to their volunteer jobs with enthusiasm and hard work.”


Wu and other officials from the Karamay Civilization Office, Karamay Vocational and Technical Institute, Karamay Oilfield Company Union and the Karamay City Communist Youth League Committee presented a flag to the volunteers. Zhang Yong, deputy secretary of the Karamay Oilfield Company, presided over the ceremony.


Edited by Noelle Mateer