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Xinjiang strives to improve people’s livelihood

By Liao Yuan Updated: 2014-02-13

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According to the latest Xinjiang Party Committee meeting, more than 61.6 billion yuan ($10.2 billion) will be injected in 150 livelihood projects covering a number of areas, including healthcare, social insurance, urban infrastructure and rural irrigation.


A number of transport infrastructure and environmental projects, such as a new airport project and coal gasification project, will begin this year.


The Xinjiang government plans to adopt a set of policies and measures to create more job opportunities and reduce city unemployment rate to 4 percent. The social insurance network will be further expanded. In the urban area, the number of insured people who receive retirement, healthcare and unemployment benefits is expected to jump to 3.3 million, 6.5 million and 2.2 million, respectively.


The government also emphasizes livelihood improvements in rural areas. A total of 900 million yuan will be spent to grow the water-saving irrigation area to 1,081 hectares by the end of 2014. More subsidies will be offered to the livestock industry. Forty public facilities where local children can attend extra-curricular classes, such as music, dance and English, as well as 26 new nursing homes and 13 sports centers, will go into operation soon. Low-income households will receive allowances and necessities including rice, clothes and quilts. Free surgery will be provided to 1,500 children from poor families.


Edited by Michael Thai