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Karamay River Scenic Area



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Karamay River Scenic Area

Karamay River winds through the city of Karamay from the Jiulong Pond in the northeast to the Xiyue Pond (Aykula) Reservoir in the southwest. It runs a course of 8.51 kilometers, stretching 15 meters in width and running 1.8 to 2.3 meters in depth.

Karamay River is the most beautiful section along the main canal between Wind City High Reservoir and Karamay. It is also a blessing river as it brings green and vitality to the oil city that lacks water.

Karamay River Scenic Area

It is flanked by tree-lined asphalt roads and sidewalks. Karamay River was officially filled with water on August 8, 2008, which also marked the Water Festival of Karamay. Apart from the nearby Century Park, Karamay River is seen as consisting of five major areas (from east to west): Jiulong Pond area, Junggar area, Kunlun area, Central scenic area and West City scenic area. Twenty river-crossing bridges connect the scenic spots with 15 foot bridges and bridges open to non-motorized vehicles and five bridges which are open to motorized vehicles. Each bridge has a unique shape and structure, including stone arch bridges, concrete bridges and steel bridges. Lit up by night lights, the Karamay River often looks like some sort of colorful ribbon.

The Friendship Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge with a main bridge of 249.05 meters long and the approach spanning 563 meters, is the gateway to downtown Karamay. And Century Park - the largest man-made landscape park in Karamay - is home to rivers, rockeries, fountains, lawns, a variety of trees and colored asphalt roads as well as entertainment facilities. In December 2009, the Karamay River scenic area was named a national 4A level tourist spot.