History in Tianjin Museum

June 1 is the 100th anniversary of Tianjin Museum. To celebrate the centennial, the museum has launched a series of boutique exhibitions.The Tianjin Museum is a museum dedicated to history, art and culture, and it has been known as the Tianjin Museum since 1918. more>>

Tianjin Museum outdoor activity ends

On May 20, Tianjin Museum hosted a large-scale outdoor activity named "Visit Tianjin Museum and Listen to the story of Tianjin" to celebrate its 100th anniversary and International Museum Day, which was on May 18.Guided by the museum’s volunteer team, citizens explored the pleasant streets and alleys of Tianjin. more>>

The Warring States Treasures

The Warring States Treasures - Exhibition of Cultural Relics in the Ancient Zhongshan State is co- organized by the Tianjin Museum and the Hebei Museum. Through historical sources and material evidence it reveals the culture and custom of "the powerful state with thousands of chariots" --- Zhongshan -- in the Warring States Period and shows its highly developed handicraft industry and unique culture. more>>

Tianjin Museum

The current Tianjin Museum can be traced back to a predecessor of the same name founded in 1918, making it one of the oldest museums in China. Over the past century the museum has amalgamated with numerous other museums and art galleries. Today the Tianjin Museum’s diverse collection includes over 200,000 objects and a 200,000-volume library, making the museum an institution that melds culture and history. In 2008 it was recognized as a first-grade Chinese museum.

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Pair of painted enamel vases with embossed rosette designs and the Qianlong mark

White-glazed Guanyin inscribed "respectfully made by Tang Ying"

Plate with famille rose lotus design

Painted enamel Chinese peony and pheasant design pear-shaped vase with the Qianlong mark

Treasure of Imperial Dowager Consort of the First Rank Qi

Seal of Military and Provincial Governor of Hubei

Fish on lotus-shaped inkstone

10,000 tablets of an Imperial Audience