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Volunteers help migrant workers book 23,000 tickets in the three years
| Updated: 2017-02-08 09:50:12 | (chinadaily.com) |

Many migrant workers are not able to use or access the Internet making it very difficult to book train tickets for the Spring Festival.

Considering the factors, a man, working in Tianjin after graduating from university, organized a volunteer event to help migrant workers buy train tickets during the rush. Recently, at the Third "Baodi Ten Figures" Award Ceremony, a young volunteer group, initiated by the man, helping migrant workers book tickets won a team award and its initiator Yuan Hongfei won a special award.

In December 2014, Yuan Hongfei and other six like-minded friends started a charity campaign called, "We help you book tickets online and let love take you home". At that time, there were seven people in the team and each person had to use part of their own money to pay in advance. With increasing influence, their team continued to grow and currently has 230 volunteers. In the last three years, they have booked nearly 23,000 tickets for those in need.

Yuan Hongfei said that, up to now, the team had paid an advance of million yuan for the 23,000 bookings and that so far, no experience of unpaid tickets has ever happened."I am so touched by these people who are so grateful, and am determined to keep helping them", Yuan Hongfei said.

Inspired by the ticket booking service, volunteers have begun to enlarge and encourage the services available. Inspired by the young team, they founded a young volunteer group in Baodi district. Now they have 540 active volunteers, a main center and 4 volunteer teams, and have carried out many campaigns like "The Road to Home and Love" amongst a number of volunteer service activities.


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