Airbus A320 Project

Aerial, aerospace output in Tianjin may top 100 billion yuan by 2015
Meanwhile, Tianjin is also the only city that has both an aerial and aerospace industry in China.
Airbus to expand production of A320 family
Airbus will increase its monthly manufacturing capacity of the A320 family of commercial aircraft from 34 to 40 by early 2012.
Airbus speeds up production in N China
Airbus's assembly plant in north China's Tianjin Municipality plans to roll out 48 A320 aircraft in 2012, nearly doubling its current production capacity, said senior executives of the joint venture Wednesday.
Airbus considering new joint ventures
European plane maker eyes collaboration in aircraft financing, air traffic management and maintenance
Airbus Tianjin to deliver 26 A320 family jets in 2010
Airbus Tianjin factory said it plans to deliver 26 Airbus A320 family jetliners in this year.
Take-off time for airline financial services sector
European aircraft maker Airbus said it was seeking a closer partnership with Chinese banks and financial institutions, including the possibility of creating new financing structures.
Airbus announces price hike
The price hike was triggered by the weakness in the US dollar and the higher price of raw materials and commodities.
Airbus Tianjin to deliver 26 aircraft in 2010
The Airbus final assembly line project in Tianjin will assemble and deliver 26 A320 aircraft in 2010, more than double the number in 2009.
New Airbus' logistics hub in Tianjin to serve all projects
Airbus will set up a logistics center in Tianjin to optimally manage the supply chain for all its projects in China, the aircraft manufacturer said yesterday.
Hua-Ou expands offering portfolios
Hua-Ou Aviation Training Center (Hua-Ou) is expanding its offering portfolios to cater to China's growing demand for pilots and maintenance mechanics.
Airbus to enhance co-op with China's aviation industry
Airbus expects the value of its joint-venture projects in China to reach 200 million U.S. dollars in 2010 and 450 million U.S. dollars in 2015.
Airbus to deliver 80 jets to China
Airbus will deliver 80 airplanes to China this year, underscoring the resilience of China's aviation market despite its taking a heavy punch during the global financial downturn.
Airbus: Cooperation and inspiration
"Your A300 is a good plane but you'll never make it. You are nice people, but it's difficult to have faith in your cooperative program."
A320 to get local wings next year
Xi'an Aircraft Industry will deliver the first set of fully equipped wings to Airbus' A320 aircraft final assembly line in Tianjin in the first quarter of next year.
Eastern Airlines gets 1st A320 assembled in Tianjin
Airbus delivered the fourth aircraft assembled at its Final Assembly Line China (FALC) in Tianjin to China Eastern Airlines on September 3. The aircraft was reported to be taking its first flight from Shanghai to Dalian on the same day.
Airbus makes ties with local corp to develop flight trainers
Airbus China will cooperate with a local company in Tianjin to develop flight trainers for the A320 aircraft.
Airbus' China-made jet takes wing
"Anxiety, and a little bit of doubt" - these were the words flight attendant Zou Xue used to describe her feelings before taking off on the first Airbus A320 assembled in China.
Airbus to deliver 1st China-assembled A320 jet
European jet maker Airbus rolled out the first aircraft built at its China factory today and said it plans to produce 10 more this year. The plane is the first Airbus assembled outside Europe.
Airbus A320 project powers the service industry
In recent years the aeronautical and astronautical industry is developing rapidly in Tianjin. At present 17 aeronautical projects with total investment over 2-billion dollars have clustered in Binhai New Area.
The Airbus A320 general assembly line in the free trade zone will deliver 11 aircrafts this year
Following the delivery of the first aircraft this June, Airbus A320 general assembly line in Tianjin free trade zone will deliver 11 aircrafts this year.
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