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Chinese are key players in the international market
Editor's note: During the ongoing China Mining Congress in Tianjin, experts and specialists exchange insight in the industry development trend.
J-10 fighter jet to cut a dash at air show
The new paint scheme for China's most advanced fighter jets used by the military aerobatic team will make its debut later this month.
Binhai New Area
Sky's the limit
The helicopter, which has a seating capacity of six, can be used for fl ight training, policing and medical aid.
Tianjin Binhai New Area, Dalian seek closer tie
( chinadaily.com.cn )

A delegation led by Tianjin Binhai New Area leaders paid an official visit to Dalian last Friday, as the two are important cities in Bohai economic circle. The group met with Dalian government officials on Saturday, vowing to enhance their partnership in capital and talent flow, technology cooperation and resources sharing.

Tianjin Deputy Party Secretary He Lifeng, who’s also the commission secretary of Binhai New Area, came with the area Governor Zong Guoying and other commission leaders. Dalian Party Secretary Xia Deren and Mayor Li Wancai welcomed them.

The two parties exchanged experiences and views on the coastal city’s development and agreed to strengthen cooperation in logistics, modern service, port construction and urban planning. The two governments also promised to encourage their local enterprises to invest or extend business in the other city and provide efficient services to any guest companies.

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