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Binhai New Area
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The helicopter, which has a seating capacity of six, can be used for fl ight training, policing and medical aid.
Tianjin Binhai new area officially open


The Binhai New Area is now officially open, with the formal launch Monday morning, of a local government. Located in the coastal region of Tianjin Municipality, the New Area looks set to take off as a hub for commerce and trade in northern China.

In front of the government building, about 200 officials attended an inauguration ceremony, showing that the Binhai New Area now has administrative status. The new administrative district brings together three old districts of Tanggu, Hangu and Dagang.

Together, they now make up the Binhai New Area, which covers an area of more than two thousand square kilometers, with a population of two million people. Nine sub-branch zones, will oversee the different areas of manufacturing, logistics, tourism, ecological construction, and commerce.

The structure of management has now been simplified, with the number of government departments cut to a quarter of what it used to be. Officials say this will significantly improve efficiency of the government.

Zong Guoying, director of Tianjin Binhai New Area, said, "The government of Binhai New Area will focus on macro-control, such as structural layout, policies, and innovation. Sub branch zones will be in charge of micro-management. This will prevent wasteful competition and promote more sharing of resources."

The Binhai New Area enjoys all the benefits of having a coastline. Serving as an international shipping and logistics center, it looks set to develop into a hub for opening up commerce in northern China.

Editor: Guo Changdong Source: CCTV

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