The Shanxi provincial government launched a project to attract Shanxi natives back for startup and innovation in Beijing on March 16, 2017.

The initiative was first proposed by Luo Huining, Party chief of Shanxi province, at the 11th Congress of the Communist Party in Shanxi province on Oct 31, 2016, with the aim of promoting the transformation and upgrading of Shanxi’s economy.


  • Policies to attract skills Ⅱ

    The government of Shanxi province released a series of measures on April 21, in a bid to entice more Shanxi natives to return home and contribute to the province's economic development.

  • Policies to attract skills

    Shanxi has issued new policies on personnel management, in accordance with the province's aim to attract more Shanxi-born entrepreneurs and experts, to support its economic transformation and upgrading

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