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Faculty overview of Shanxi University


Updated : 2021-02-26

Shanxi University's lecturers have had remarkable achievements. It has 2,141 full-time teachers, 1,169 of them with advanced academic titles. It has members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with national "Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent" titles, special professors and lecturers under the Yangtze River Scholar Program, State-level experts with prominent contributions, winners of the national Foundation for Eminent Youth, national model teachers, leading teachers with Education Ministry recognition, and nearly 100 experts with special government stipends. It also sponsors State-level innovative research groups, State-level teaching teams and the innovative research groups supported by the Education Ministry. Nine of its textbooks compiled by Shanxi University teachers have been selected as State-level teaching materials under the "11th Five-Year Plan" (2006-2010) and the "12th Five-Year Plan" (2011-2015). Ten of its doctoral dissertations have won a national Excellent Doctoral Dissertation award or have been nominated for it.


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