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SXU advances research into cutting-edge solar power cell


Updated : 2020-09-01

SXU advances research into cutting-edge solar power cell

Diagrams shows the coordination patterns of dithizone and lead and the corresponding ultraviolet-visible absorbance spectra. [Photo/sxu.edu.cn]

Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Science at Shanxi University recently published findings concerning the perovskite solar power cell in the German chemicals journal Angewandte Chemie.

Perovskite solar cells, which use a crystal called perovskite, are among the most cutting edge emerging area of research into different new generation solar power, due to its super power conversion efficiency. Unlike silicon solar cells, they are less expensive and fabrication is much easier -- leading some to claim they will soon power the world's most efficient solar power panels.

The paper was written by Hou Wenjing, Han Gaoyi and Ou Ting from the institute, with the help of Xiao Yaoming from Quanzhou Normal University and Chen Qi from Beijing Institute of Technology.

The research article showcased an efficient and stable perovskite solar cell with suppressed defects by employing a lead indicator -- dithizone, broadening the range of options for additives for perovskite solar cells.


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