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Updated : 2019-10-14


Applicants must be a non-Chinese citizen, in good health, and above the age of 18, with a valid passport, and must abide by Chinese laws and Shanxi University regulations and should respect Chinese customs.


1. Shanxi University International Student Application Form for. This can be downloaded from http://siee.sxu.edu.cn.

2. Graduation certificate or diploma, either the original documents or a certified copy in Chinese or English. Students getting a diploma should state the expected graduation date.

3. Official transcript up to the present, including all courses and grades, either the original document or a certified copy in Chinese or English.

4. Photocopy of your passport (must be ordinary type).

5. Resume in Chinese or English. The format can be downloaded from http://siee.sxu.edu.cn.

6. Guardian certificate. The format can be downloaded from http://siee.sxu.edu.cn.

Application materials will not be returned.


1. Got to the website of http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/ for an Application Form for International Students.

2. Submit the completed application form and fee to the International Students Office.

3. The Office will review and verify the submitted application materials.

4. The Office will announce the names of qualified candidates.

5. The Office will send an Admission Certificate and JW 202 Form to the applicant within a month.

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