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Landmark Scientific Research Results

Updated : 2015-07-16

Over the past three years, Shanxi University has published 1,180 papers in SCI and applied for 444 national patents with 243 approved and had 540 million yuan for natural science scientific research, with the following major achievements:


Shanxi University cooperated with Tsinghua University, Brown University in the US, and Fudan University in founding the All-Boron Fullerene, which was then renamed the Borospherene.


J.Manz working for Shanxi University and partners found a new chemical molecular vibration bond, which was published in top chemical journals and reported by Nature magazine as a major research accomplishment.

Researchers in photo-electricity at Key State Quantum Optics and Light Quantum Device Labs published two important research results in Nature Communications and Nature Physics, attracting a great deal of attention from China and abroad.


A research team led by Professor Zhang Jing published “Production of Feshbach molecules induced by spin–orbit coupling in Fermi gases” in Nature Physics, and a research team led by Professor Peng Kunchi published “Gate sequence for continuous variable one-way quantum computation” in Nature Communications.


An Extreme Optical Cooperation and Innovation Center, founded by more than 100 top Chinese optics experts, and universities, at Shanxi University, opened to the public in February 2015. It is important in bringing together talented personnel and providing a research site for cooperation.


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