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Fees for overseas students at the School of International Education and Exchange

Updated : 2014-11-20


Standard (RMB)


Application fee


Cash or online payment is accepted. Any other currency or travellers checks are unacceptable. The application fee is non-refundable. Applications will not be accepted in case of incomplete application material and an unpaid application fee. 

Registration fee


The 1st academic year 




Tuition is determined under the school's unified standards (tuition standards are subject to the standards proposed by schools that year) 





One month


Three months


One semester


One Academic year


Textbook fee


Textbook fees for each semester are based on the actual textbook prices. 

Health insurance fee 


According to the Ministry of Education, overseas students studying in China should buy health insurances during their study. 

Health examination fee


1. According to the provisions of relevant China's departments, overseas students studying in China must have body check.

2. Foreigners having left China for over 3 months should be checked again.

3. Foreigners shifted to schools in other provinces and cities should be checked again at the place where the school locates.

4. Specific standards released by Shanxi International Travel Health Center shall prevail.

5. Overseas students will be checked uniformly after registration of admission. 

Residence permit fee


Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security charges uniformly, but the charges range based on time limit of residence. 

Accommodation fee


800/person/month 50/person/day

These are the standard charges on campus for overseas student apartments, excluding bedding and personal supplies. 


400/person/month 30/person/day

Accommodation deposit


Lump sum payment on check-in will be fully refunded upon checkout, so long as no damage has been incurred on the room or supplies.