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School of Political Science and Public Management

Updated : 2014-11-17

The School of Political Science and Public Management of Shanxi University boasts of a long history, with its predecessor being the Political Science Department of Law Faculty of Shanxi University founded in 1919, and a separate faculty was established in 1931. The faculty, which changed its name to School of Political Science and Public Management in 2003, is the only academy with 3 primary disciplines of Political Science, Public Management and Marxist Theory in the provinve of Shanxi.

The school has around 80 teaching and administrative staff members, who are responsible for the teaching of the school's professional courses and the public politics course of the entire university, as well as conducting research tasks. It has four doctoral advisors, eight professors and 21 associate professors. 16 lecturers have received a doctorate, while nine lecturers are studying for a doctorate. The school has over 600 full-time undergraduates, more than 300 postgraduates and over 260 MPA students. It's in possession of a modern MPA case study laboratory, a network and experimental center, and a library with 72,000 books and over 150 kinds of international and Chinese journals.

From the perspective of scientific research over the past 5 years, the school has successively undertaken over 50 projects at the State, provincial and ministry level, has published over 20 monographs, translated works and teaching materials, as well as over 190 papers in journals at home and abroad. They have received more than 10 awards for achievements in teaching and scientific research at the provincial and ministry level and above. It has developed several research directions with unique characteristics and certain advantages, and has contributed a number of research results with great impact.

The school has been vigorously carrying out various academic exchanges. Up until now, it has standardized and institutionalized its academic exchanges with related teaching and research institutions from home and abroad, and it has built up relations with universities and research institutes in the US, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Singapore and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions for cooperation and exchanges. The school has also successively sent lecturers to several internationally well-known universities in other countries, Taiwan and Hong Kong for further studies or collaborative researches.

General information about the setting of disciplines at the School of Political Science and Public Management:

Post-doctoral research station:Political Science and Marxist Theory

Primary discipline entitled for conferring a Doctorate:Marxist Theory

Secondary discipline entitled for conferring a Doctorate:Political Theory

Primary disciplines entitled for conferring a Master's degree

Political Science (including Political Theory, Chinese and Foreign Political Institution, Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement, History of the Communist Party of China, International Politics, International Relations and Diplomacy) Marxist Theory (including Basic Principle of Marxism, Evolution History of Marxism, Research on Localization of Marxism in China, Overseas Researches on Marxism and Ideological Education)

Secondary discipline entitled for conferring a Master's degree:Administrative Management

Professional Master's degree program:Master of Public Administration(MPA)

Bachelor's degree programs:International Politics, Administrative Management and Labor and Social Security

Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Higher Education in Shanxi Province: Research Center for Localization of Marxism in China

Key discipline and branded major of Shanxi Province: Administrative Management

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