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College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Updated : 2014-11-15

Discipline Construction of the college

National and Provincial Platform

Research Center for Fine Chemical Engineering of the Ministry of Education

National Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education in Chemical Biology and Molecular Engineering

Key Laboratory of Functional Molecular Chemistry in Shanxi Province


Mobile post-doctoral station of Chemistry discipline

Primary Chemistry discipline doctoral program

Subordinate discipline doctoral programs: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, pharmacognosy

Primary Chemistry discipline master program

Subordinate discipline master programs: applied chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmacoanalysis, pharmacognosy

Master of Engineering programs: Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering

Key Discipline

Key disciplines of Shanxi province: Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Key construction disciplines of Shanxi province: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy


The college currently has 135 faculty members, including 101 teachers, and 34 lab assistants and administrators. There are 34 professors, and 23 of them are Ph. D. supervisors.

Academics & Research

Since the year of 2002, the college has been focusing on collaborative innovation system construction, and has yielded substantial results in basic theory research, and application development and innovation. The college plays the central role in China's "863 Program", key project of National Natural Science Funds and national and provincial major scientific and technological projects. It has received a National Award for Science and Technology Progress and a National Award for Technological Invention. Its academic faculty has published a series of academic papers in internationally known magazines such as JACS and Angew.

The college puts forth effort in the university-industry cooperation. The project of China's "863 Program" — "Localization Research of Two-Stage Hydrogenation Catalyst of 1, 4 - Butanediol" hosted by Professor Zhao Yongxiang, has achieved its industrialized application and was listed into "the 11th Five-Year Development Report of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry" as one of the two landmark scientific and technological achievements in basic organic raw material. Polycarboxylene based superplasticizer developed by Associate Professor Wang Ziwei has been widely used in the Beijing-Shanghai and Haerbin-Daqing high-speed passenger railways.

Talented people cultivation

In the past ten years, the college has cultivated 1,393 undergraduate students, 462 postgraduate students and 52 PhD students. More than 95% of graduates have been evaluated comprehensively as excellent and good. The success rate of fresh graduates with a bachelor's degree in the postgraduate entrance examination is 40%, and graduates’employment rate reaches 90%.

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