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Law School of Shanxi University

Updated : 2014-11-15

Shanxi University Law School, formally known as Shanxi Grand School, is steeped in heritage and was founded in 1906, as part of the three original faculties of arts, law and science.

Boasting a long history of excellence in its teaching staff, the Shanxi University Law School currently has 51 full-time lecturers, including 9 professors and 18 associate professors. It also houses a part-time team of professors, which consists of over 60 well-known authoritative experts and scholars from legal practices and the country's jurisprudential circle. Amongst the lecturers at School of Law, 26 of them have either received a doctorate, or are currently studying for one. A number of lecturers from the school are regularly are hired as legislative consultants and advisers to both the government, expert public security consultative committees, procuratorate offices and courts, as well as legal advisors to large state-owned enterprises.

Shanxi University's Law School has been ranked among the top 50 law schools in universities across China, and in 2012, ranked 21st, thanks to its comprehensive disciplines and majors.

The scientific research standards of the Law School have seen continuous improvement over the years. Since 2000, lecturers at the Law School have successively conducted and participated in 271 scientific research projects at both a provincial and ministerial level and higher. These included 10 projects funded by national social science organizations, which received scientific research funds totaling over 6 million yuan. The School has published over 900 quality papers in several national academic journals, key law journals and provincial academic journals, as well as over 50 other writing works. It has also received 260 awards for its achievements in scientific research at a provincial and ministerial level, which have had a great impact on domestic academia.

As one of the leading Law Schools in China, it enjoys sound, modern infrastructures such as first-class multifunctional moot courts, material evidence technology laboratories; as well as computers, multimedia projectors, all-in-one duplicators and other modern teaching equipments. Full Internet network coverage on campus is available, as well as over 25,000 professional books and materials, and over 100 journals.

Practical teaching and integration of theories and practices has been an integral part of the Law School. As such, it has established over 50 teaching and scientific research practice bases at public security branches, procuratorate offices, courts and other departments for legal practice in Shanxi province, which constitute stable networks for teaching and practice.

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