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Updated : 2014-09-04

Shanxi University's enrollment plan is available to the public through the student enrollment departments at provincial level, its enrollment guide and website. The university will follow provincial enrollment documents and regulations to determine the acceptance rate of candidates whose score is above the minimum requirement. In principle, the amount will not surpass 120 percent of the existing number of planed students already enrolled.

Candidates'physical exam shall meet requirements of the Guidance on the Physical Examination at Universities and Colleges jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, and the China Disabled Persons Federation.

In provinces where parallel application is not practiced, the university will give priority to candidates who select it as first choice, and choose the remaining candidates if there are spaces available. It bases its enrollment on the principle of putting scores first and respecting the candidate's choice. Candidates with the same total score will be chosen based on the score of their professional test. When the candidate's score falls short of what's required for their application, the university will make adjustments based on their scores and assign them to other majors that have additional spaces available, providing candidates agree to the adjustment. If they do not agree, the university will return their personal files.

Shanxi University will sort out candidate's score in Jiangsu province, and refer to the additional test performance should candidates achieve the same score. Literature and science candidates must score B plus in history and physics, B in other optional subjects, and 4C1 in mandatory subjects. Art candidates should not score D in three mandatory subjects or more (D means fail).

Shanxi University agrees and implements the score adjustment policies instilled by the education administration, enrollment and examination departments across the country.

Some faculties in Shanxi University will have students study basic courses during their first and second years, and send them to different majors based on their application and performance. Classes will not be opened unless the number of students reaches 30 or more.

Minimum requirements for Physics (State-appointed class), the Chinese language and literature (primitive education experimental class) and business management (science experimental class) in Shanxi province state that academic scores must be 20 points more than the minimum points required for admission into the general literature, history and science technology programs.

As for the English, translation, and international economic and trade majors, candidates must take an English exam; the Japanese language major requires an English or Japanese exam; the Russian language major requires an English or Russian exam; the German language major requires an English or German exam; and the French language major requires an English or French exam. Students for other majors have English as the only common required course.

The university has additional requirements in a single subject score towards some majors: math for physics major (State-appointed class); English and Chinese for the Chinese language and literature major (primitive education experimental class); English and math for business management major (science experimental class); Chinese for literature major; math for math-related majors; and English for foreign language and international economy and trade majors. Foreign language students must complete a spoken language exam, to be arranged by their province of residence.

The sports training major enrolls its students by an independent approach, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sport, the provincial student enrollment department and the Shanxi University.

Eligible graduates will receive a graduation certificate and a Bachelor's degree certificate issued by the Shanxi University, should they meet the relevant standards. A certificate issued by secondary schools associated with the university will be stamped with the name of the school attended.


  • School of International Education and Exchange

    Founded in 1993, the School of International Education and Exchange of Shanxi University was formerly known as the International Exchange Center of Shanxi University.

  • Chinese Government Scholarship

    The Chinese government set up various scholarships to fund students, teachers and scholars all over the world to come to Chinese universities for study and research.

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