Sheshan green tea

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Updated: 2018-09-04

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The fertile land and favorable climate in Sheshan make it suitable for growing. As a centuries-old tea-producing area, Sheshan produces a rare variety of tea which is light in color and clear in taste.

After many tea trees in the city became extinct in the 1960s, tree farms in Songjiang have been introducing West Lake Longjing tea from Hangzhou. Through careful cultivation, the tea trees grow into a new variety which is characteristic of Sheshan green tea.

Hand-fried Sheshan green tea is on a par with the famous Shifeng Longjing tea in terms of color and flavor. Known as "Shanghai Longjing tea" for its high quality, Sheshan green tea has been repeatedly praised at tea tasting events in Shanghai and enjoys a good reputation among tea lovers.

Tea gardens in tree farms in Songjiang now take up 1.27 hectares of land and produce about 500 kilograms of tea leaves a year.


Sheshan green tea

Sheshan green tea

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