Enjoy time at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park

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Updated: 2017-02-15

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The Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park project is a great resort with fabulous scenery and modern designs as well as various interesting functions. The park consists of a lake in the center and four bank zones demonstrating sights featuring spring, summer, autumn, and winter, where visitors can find entertainment at all times.

Address: No 1158, Linyinxin Road, Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang district, Shanghai

Ticket: 100 yuan ($14.55) all year long in 2017

Enjoy time at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park

The water curtain bridge on the spring bank. Also the place incorporates a European-style service center serving coffee, tea, and pastries, a “Crystal Palace” built with hill stones and stalactites. [Photo/Wechat: sheshanlvyou]

Enjoy time at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park

Shanghai's largest water stage built on the spring bank, photographed against the blue sky, which is able to accommodate more than 1,500 visitors to watch musical performances and other programs. [Photo/Wechat: sheshanlvyou]

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