Moon Lake Sculpture Park offering discounts

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Updated: 2015-11-04

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In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Moon Lake Sculpture Park is offering discounts for visitors from Oct 25 to Feb 29 of next year.

Under the offer, an adult ticket for the Park is 80 yuan ($12.62) / person, 40 yuan cheaper than the regular price.

The Moon Lake Sculpture Park was opened to tourists in 2002 before construction was completed and officially started business in 2004. So far, it is the only garden-style tourist and leisure scenic spot with a theme of sculpture in Shanghai.


Driving route: Yan'an Elevated Rd → G50 Expwy → Zhaoxiang Exit → South Jiasong Rd → Sichen Highway → Yubei Highway → Yubei Rd → Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park G60 Expwy → Songjiang Exit → South Jiasong Rd → Linyin New Rd → Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park

自驾:延安高架—— G50高速 —— 赵巷出口下—— 左转沿嘉松南路 ——(右转)沈砖公路——(右转林荫新路 —— 直行2公里即到月湖雕塑公园; G60高速 —— 松江出口下 —— 沿嘉松南路 ——(左转)沈砖公路—— 右转林荫新路 —— 直行2公里即到月湖雕塑公园。

Public transportation: Exit Sheshan Station on subway Line 9, take the No.92 bus (Sheshan Bus Station) to Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park.

地铁:9号线佘山站下,乘坐松江92路空调车佘山汽车站方向, 在月湖雕塑公园站下车即可到达园区;或免费租借佘山国家旅游度假区内公共自行车(佘山地铁站对面就有)。

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